The Evil Villains in League (aka EVIL) are the baddest of the bad guys who give bad guys a bad name. That's bad. Really bad. Seriously. Bad. And they will stop at nothing to achieve global domination.

Your mission is simple. Stop EVIL from taking over the world. After all, you'll make a much better dictator.

In a war crazy world, there are 5 mercenary groups that anyone calling themselves a leader can buy.
“Ain't no problems
that can't be
solved with
explosives and beer.”
“We fight best where
fish pee. And look
fabulous while at it.”
“Fight fast,
fight light.Have
a banana at night.”
“Can't cope,
don't mope,
there's hope, be dope.”
"Never misunderestimate
ze enemy, especially if
zey wear purple."
Tired of getting your butt whooped? Use Bloody Diamonds to call for Awesome Airdrops for a chance to get stronger and rarer troopers!
Troopers need
to be levelled up
to get tougher and
more powerful. We
found that motivating troopers through our live firing training grounds give the best results.
Once a trooper
reaches its max
level, it can be
Upgrade into a more powerful unit! Looking cooler and more badass is just a perkish side effect.
You can add a Friend as reinforcement when you go into battle. Choose your Friends wisely, it may mean the difference between a stinky defeat or glorious victory!
Every trooper has a unique set of Leader and Active skills. Smart leaders select the appropriate troopers and skills when going into battle! Dumb ones don't return.
Each faction is respectively weaker and stronger against different factions. Make full use of a trooper's skills and strengths to build the strongest squad against an enemy!
Bomb Strikes are a great way to pulverize your enemies. Simply combine 6 or more balls of the same color in one combo. Death from above!
More combos equals bigger damage! Duh.